About Us

We’re just a couple of Seattleites with an insatiable appetite for nature.

Craig is a Civil Engineer originally from the flatlands of Illinois. After spending the majority of his life without ever crossing a topo line, he made the surprise decision to move to Seattle for grad school. He quickly joined the climbing community and has been tracking his GPS routes ever since. He also makes a mean homebrew!

Vanessa is a Nurse Practitioner from Ohio. She spent five years living in New York City while in nursing school, and then decided to rectify her extreme nature deficit by hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. Afterward, she moved to Seattle based almost solely on its proximity to mountains and has never looked back.

We have been furiously adding historical (pre-2018) trip reports to this site, and hope to go all the way back to 2009! Please reach out with any questions you have about a particular trip.

Cheers, Craig and Vanessa
AKA Mountain Flamingo and Finder

South Sister, Oregon