2017-07-04 Alpine Lookout

Distance: 9.34 mi.
Elevation Gain: 3453 ft.

We were driving back to Seattle from Mazama and decided we wanted to do a short hike. We arrived at the trailhead around 1PM. A lot of the hike was very buggy so we had to move fast! We reached a hot, sunny burn area around 2 PM, then continued past Round Mountain and got back into some shade.



The hike was a gentle grade until the very end when it first went down toward a gully and then steeper uphill to the lookout. We arrived at the summit around 3:30. The views were very nice for not a ton of effort. The bugs weren’t so bad at the summit, either.



Between trying to escape the bugs, the gentle slope of the trail, and wanting to get home, we decided to trail run most of the way back to the car. This was a quick in and out hike with great views, but we might recommend a bit later in the year so the bugs are better. There were a couple of small snow patches, too.

More photos
Download GPS track

(Download the free Gaia GPS app on your phone to view tracks and then get a Gaia GPS membership if you want offline access. Discount below!)


Gear Used:

  • GPS
  • Trail runners
  • Trekking poles

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